Library Newsletter – Term 4 Week 7 – Trans Awareness Week 2020

FHC Reads

We are heading into the last few days of FHC Reads activities.

Thank you to the staff and students who came to the library on Thursday November 12th to read to Australia Reading Hour.  Even if you were unable to attend the library that day, we hope you found time during the day to spend an hour reading – by yourself, with your family, to your children.

Today the results of the survey the students did last week about their favourite books and favourite book characters will be announced.  Interested?  Follow this link to see the results.

Don’t forget the competitions we are running..

FOR YEARS 7 – 9:

For you years 7 – 9 students we will be running a book review competition.  Write a book review for a book you loved, or even a book you hated.  Send entries to the library email address.  There will be a winner chosen for each year level and the prize will be a book from a selection of books donated by Campion Education.

If you review a book that is available in the school library, book reviews submitted can be added to the library catalog to the book’s entry in the library catalog.



We will be running a create your own meme related to reading, books or libraries and send your entries to the library email address.  You can enter as many times as you like and the winning entry will win a prize from a selection of books donated by Campion.  All memes entered will be considered for use on the school and library social media channels.



The library would also love all students to take a selfie on themselves reading at home and send it in to the library email address to have featured on the school and library social media channels.

The photos need to not include any other family members or non-FHC students and need to be taken in non-private rooms or outside.  Get a group of friends together and show us all what you are reading.


Do you love music?

Think you know how to create a Spotify playlist that captures any mood?

Here is a challenge for you….

Create a Spotify playlist that captures of the mood of your favourite book.  Don’t have a favourite book?  Why not a playlist for one of the books you have read in English class this year?

So, create a playlist on Spotify

Send a link to that playlist to the library email address.

We will share everyone’s contributions with the school community during November.

In this week’s newsletter, we have an interview with Assistant Principal, Ms Buckingham, where he answers some questions about what she likes to read.

Follow the Library on Instagram (@fhclibrary) to see more photos of FHC Staff being caught reading.

We also have information on Trans Awareness Week 2020.  

Trans Awareness Week is a chance to celebrate the wonderful trans and gender diverse community. And it’s also the perfect, ideal time to educate ourselves and those around us about gender diversity, and the importance of being a trans ally. And of course, what being an ally even entails.

Every year, Trans Awareness Week finishes with the whole community observing Trans Day of Remembrance. It’s a chance to celebrate the trailblazers throughout history that have fought for trans rights, and honour the ones who have lost their lives due to violence and discrimination.

It’s important to note that this sort of violence still exists, and isn’t just an ugly footnote in history – and that’s exactly the reason why Trans Awareness Week is so, so important.

Read this week’s newsletter here.



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