The Man In The Water by David Burton

What do you do if you find a dead body floating in the lake, but no-one believes you?  Why does everyone think that you are just making it up because of what happened to your dad?

This is what happens to Shaun.  He lives in a remote mining town, where everyday life is a struggle and the survival of the town relies on the big mining companies.

This book makes you feel what is like to live in a town that is struggling just to survive. You feel the heat and the dust and the remoteness.

There is mystery surrounding the missing body – who is it?  And once that mystery is solved, why did the body disappear before Shaun could return with the police?

As Shaun and his best friend Will set about solving these mysteries, you get caught up in the twists and turns, false leads and the dead ends along with them.

But underneath the thrill of solving the mystery, the author also allows us to further our understanding of the struggles the families face, the despair of their uncertainty for the future, their courage and resilience in the face of that uncertainty, and opens our eyes to how real this struggle is for so many in rural Australia.

Read more about the author, David Burton.

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