Flying Tips For Flightless Birds by Kelly McCaughrain

Twins Finch and Birdie Franconi are stars of the flying trapeze in their family circus school.  But when Birdie suffers a terrifying accident, Finch must learn to find his place in life, school and the circus without his twin at his side.

Hector Hazzard is the geeky new kid who has just moved to their small village.  Hector finds his place at the circus school, where his general clumsiness and awkwardness makes him a natural clown.

This engaging story follows the developing friendship of Finch and Hector as Finch learns to face up to his feelings and to learn there is more to life than the circus.

This book is written in an offbeat, witty, thoughtful and moving style that will have you fully engaged in the lives of Finch, Birdie and Hector.


Read more about the author, Kelly McCaughrain, on her website.

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