Reading Survey Results from #LoveOzYA

In 2017 the #LoveOzYA committee conducted a survey of the reading habits of the YA community.  With over 800 respondents, these survey results give a great insight into the how people who read YA read.  And it is not just teenagers who read YA, in fact, just 28% of respondents were teenagers.

A summary of the results are:

Number of books read?

1% read 1 book per month, 50% of respondents read 2-5, 27% read 5-10, 9% read 10-15 and 7% read 15+.

How do you like to read?

31% physical books only, 51% read both physical and digital books but prefer physical, 13% read both formats and have no preference, 4% read both formats but prefer digital and 0% read only digital format books.

The main reason why respondents read physical books is because of the tactile response, followed by it is a break from using a device.

The main reason why respondents read digital books is because of portability and east of access.

Do you listen to audio books?

13% often listen to audio books, 55% don’t and 32% occasionally listen to them.

The top reason why respondents listen to audio books is because of portability.

The main reasons why respondents prefer books is because of content absorption, being able to read at their own pace and being able to actively read.

Favourite genres?

The favourite genre was Fantasy, followed by Contemporary/Real, Crime/Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, Speculative Fiction, Historical, then Graphic Novels and Non-Fiction/Memoirs.

When asked how widely to they read different genres, 52% liked all sort of genres, 41% occasionally try different genres and 7% stick to their favourite genres.

What would you like to see more of in Australian YA literature?

The most popular responses, by far, were Diversity and Fantasy.

Favourite #LoveOzYA author?

The top 3 favourite #LoveOzYA authors were Melina Marchetta, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.

Favourite #LoveOZYA books?

The top 3 favourite #LoveOzYA books were “Illuminae” by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, “Words in deep blue” by Cath Crowley and “On the Jellicoe Road” by Meline Marchetta.

How to you find out about new books?

Bookshops came out as the most popular way to find out about new books, followed by word of mouth, bloggers/social media, Goodreads, libraries, papers/magazines and then radio/podcasts.

The most popular social media platforms for finding out about new books were Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Do you borrow books from the library?

52% borrow books from a public library, 33% from a school/university library and 15% do not borrow books from a library.

20% borrow no books from the library in a month, 34% borrow 1-2, 21% borrow 3-5, 14% borrow 5-10, 5% borrow 10-15 and 6% borrow 15+.

If you would like to read the full survey results, click here.



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