A Song Only I Can Hear by Barry Jonsberg

Rob Fitzgerald is super-shy and prone to panic attacks that include vomiting, difficulty breathing and genuine terror that can last all day.  At school he has one friend and outside school he spends lots of time with his grumpy grandfather.  Then Destry Camberwick starts at his school and Rob is desperate to impress her.  Now Rob is receiving text messages from an unknown number setting him a series of challenges to help him increase his confidence and maybe, help with getting Destry’s attention.  Through these challenges Rob realises that the only person he really needs to impress is himself.

This novel is heart-felt, full of humour and you will be cheering for Rob all the way.  With a twist at the end that brings even more heart to Rob’s story, this is a must-read.


Read more about the author, Barry Jonsberg, on his website.

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