Appropriate Use Of The Library


Sending Students To The Library During Class Time

Students should not be sent to work in the library during class times.  During class times, students can come to the library to pick up print outs, for study periods or if they are part of a class that has been booked in by their teacher.  Students should not be sent to the library during class times to use library computers if they have forgotten their own BYODs.  Students are expected to have their own charged devices for use in class time.  If you do have a number of students who do not have devices and you know they will be needing them for your class then you need to make a library space booking via Compass.

There is a dedicated Study Centre for senior students who have study periods.  If they library is busy with booked classes, students coming in for study periods may be sent to the Study Centre instead.

Charging Of Student Devices In The Library

Please be aware that due to OH&S regulations, students are not allowed to use power points in the library to charge their own devices as they have not been safety checked.  This is something to be aware of when you hold a class in the library and we appreciate it if you can make sure students are not doing this.