Library Courtyard Kindness Garden


One message
At just the right moment
Can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life”
– The Kindness Rocks Project

This week in the school library we have been having a delayed celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week by painting Kindness Rocks and creating a Kindness Garden in the courtyard.

The idea to create a Kindness Garden was inspired by The Kindness Rocks Project, with the purpose of cultivating connections within the school community, which fits perfectly within the vision of the school library being a safe, community space within the school.
We have had an enthusiastic and creative group of students come into the library during lunchtimes this week,  excited to spend time painting the kindness rocks, with the Kindness Garden being installed in the library courtyard on Wednesday.
So, if you are feeling in need of a little pick me up or a bit of motivation, feel free to visit the Kindness Garden and take a rock.
Take one for inspiration
Share one for motivation
Because kindness rocks!

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