Library Newsletter – Term 4 Week 4 – Media Literacy Week 2020

October 26th – 30th is Media Literacy Week.

Media Literacy Week is an annual global initiative to combat the spread of spin, misinformation and “fake news” around the world

Also in the Library newsletter this week:

How many times have you been in the library, looking through the bookshelves trying to find a book to read or borrow, and it all just seems too overwhelming?

We know what it is like…. maybe your teacher wants you to hurry up and borrow a book so you can be back to class?  Maybe you have a class in the library and you need to quickly find a book to read for reading time?  Maybe your friends are waiting for you, or the bell is about to go?

Finding a book to read should not be a stressful!

So what do you do?  You just grab any book and make do.  Sometimes you may be surprised and find a book you love.  But I bet most of the time you return that book to the library unread and end up even more convinced that reading is not something you enjoy.

Well, for some time now, the library staff have been working on a project to make finding a book you want to read easier, and last week we have started to make some changes to how the books in the library are labelled.

Read more about Media Literacy Week,  our new book labelling in the library, this week’s book spotlight – the incredibly suspenseful ‘None Shall Sleep’  and more, in this week’s Library Newsletter.

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