Deep Water by Sarah Epstein

“Wrong turns, bad decisions…. Everybody make them.”

Mistakes show we’re human, but it’s what we do next that reveals who we truly are.” Deep Water by Sarah Epstein asks the question, what happened to Henry Weaver?
In a small NSW town, during a freak storm, Henry Weaver goes missing
and his friend Chloe is determined to find out where he is? Did he meet with foul play? Did he run away to find his absent
father to escape an unbearable home life?
Why didn’t he tell her what he had planned?
Why hasn’t he contacted her since?

But everyone in their group of friends in their small country town has secrets, including Chloe.

The first YA thriller by Sarah Epstein, Small Spaces,
is one of my favourite reads of all time, and Deep Water does not disappoint as a follow up.

With characters you can love and relate to, each with their own
agendas and secrets and an atmospheric sense of place for small town Australia,
this story drags you in and never lets go until the ultimate conclusion.
Full of questions, revelations and secrets, this book will break your heart, engage your inner
Sherlock Holmes (or Nancy Drew) and ultimately leave you wanting more from the wonderful
Sarah Epstein.

Do they find Henry? Are all the secrets revealed?
You will have to read to find out.
You won’t be disappointed.

Read more about the author, Sarah Epstein.

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