Invisible Boys by Holden Sheppard

In a small town, everyone thinks they know you: Charlie is a hardcore rocker, who’s not as tough as he looks. Hammer is a footy jock with big AFL dreams, and an even bigger ego. Zeke is a shy over-achiever, never macho enough for his family. But all three boys hide who they really are. When the truth is revealed, will it set them free or blow them apart?

“‘I do have a lot going for me,’ I say finally. ‘And I don’t want any of it.'”

Wow!  This is a book I have felt down to my bones.  Heartbreaking in its honesty and rawness.  Hopeful in its bravery.  Such an emotional, powerful read but still to totally real.

For anyone who feels invisible, believe in the bravery of Charlie & Zeke.  Cry for the torment of Hammer & Matt.  We should all be working towards a world where no one feels invisible.


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