How To Become A Book Dragon (so much cooler than a Book Worm)

Reading is fun.  Reading is good for your mental and physical health.  Reading is educational.

You have heard all these things before.  But what if you just don’t like reading?  What if reading feels like a chore?

Then read on for some suggestions to turn you into a Book Dragon.

Visit the school library!

Ok, I have to put that one first.  But for a good reason.  You only have to walk as far as the school library to find a great range of books to explore.  Find new books that have been added this year on display as soon as you enter the library.  Check out our great range of graphic novels and manga.  Don’t like fiction?   Then we also have biographies and non-fiction books waiting to be read.  Can’t find anything interesting to read – ask either Ms Farch or Ms Peterson for suggestions – we love reading and we love talking to anyone about reading.

Log in to our new Library Homepage and browse the catalog.

It’s here and it’s new!  Using the link to the FHC Library under the Favourites menu in Compass, log in to the NEW library catalog.  See what’s new, see what’s popular, search for a book, go the NEWS page and get links to information to help with your classes.  All this and more – and you can access this from anywhere you have internet access.  Want to see how to log in – watch this video!

Oliver v5 intro on Biteable.

Social Media Rules!

Why read a book when social media is so much more interesting?  Then spend some time exploring the world of reading, books and authors on social media.  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… these all have thriving communities of people who love reading.  Search for, and follow, your favourite author, check out #booksnaps, or your local library or bookshop.  Even follow the school library on Snapchat or Instagram (FHCLibrary).  There are so many options….

Listen to audiobooks.

Don’t let anyone tell you that listening to audiobooks doesn’t count as reading.  Research shows that the same areas of the brain get triggered when listening to audiobooks as when actually reading a book.

Listen to podcasts about books.

There are some great podcasts out there about books and reading.  Here’s some suggestions:

B&N YA Podcast

A weekly podcast featuring the discussions with YA authors about their latest books.

The B&N Podcast

Featuring more adult readers.

Remember Reading Podcast.

Each episode talks about one popular children’s book from the past, uncovering the unique story behind the story.

Hey YA

From the Book Riot team, get the latest news on all things YA.

Publishers Weekly PW KidsCast

From the team at Publishers Weekly, features interviews with children’s and YA authors

We Are YA 

“YA books are longer than 280 characters. Conversations about YA should be too” – from the team at Penguin Teen.

First Draft with Sarah Enni

” the podcast where we talk to storytellers about how their art informs their lives.”

Ok, there are LOTS more out there, but these are just some that I listen to and enjoy.  So, don’t stick to just these, explore the world of podcasts.

Read the book blurb.

So, those book blurbs on the back of the book are not just for decoration.  Take a few moments to read the book blurb to get a feel for the story and see if it is something you are interested in.  Maybe even read the first couple of pages.  Doesn’t appeal?  Try a different book!

You don’t have to finish a book you are not enjoying.

Ok, I know this may sound weird – I’m going to tell you to stop reading a book?  But if you start a book and it is just not grabbing you?  Bored?  Don’t like the writing style?  Then put that book aside and read another.  Not every book is going to be something you enjoy.  Recreational reading time is too precious to read something you are not enjoying.

Read a book review.

Book reviews are a great way to see what books are out there and what other readers think of them.  Popular sites for getting the latest book reviews include:

Inside A Dog


Kirkus Reviews 

YA Books Central

Write a book review.

Read a book you loved?  Want to tell others how a book made you feel?  Then why not write a book review and post it on the library catalog?  Want to know how?  Then log into the library homepage (through Compass – remember?) and search for the book you want to review.  Then choose the “write a review” option and get creative.

Set a goal.

There’s nothing like setting a goal to keep you motivated.  Make a goal to read something every day.  Make a goal to read a certain number of books a month.  The possibilities are endless.

Join a reading challenge.

If setting a goal gets you all competitive, consider joining a reading challenge.  Want a place to start?  Try the Goodreads YA Reading Challenge page or even challenge your friends.

Talk about books/Join a bookclub.

Want to talk about books with other readers?  Exciting to share your opinion on your latest read or want to hear what others think?  Then a book club could be for you.  Interested – why not let us know in the library that you would like to join a book club and we can try starting one.  Can’t make the time, why not try an online book club – keep an eye out for information on a school library based one.

Read about your favourite authors.

These days authors are active on social media and on their own websites.  It’s easy to find out more about your favourite author and explore what other books they may have written.

Try something new.

Love a good thriller but want to try something different?  Then explore the reading lists and genre lists on the new library homepage (how do I get there again?  Through Compass!)

A whole book looks too hard?

Then why not try a short story, a graphic novel, some manga or even one of the selection of Quick Reads available in the library.  Always wanted to read one of those classic novels you hear about but it just looks too hard?  Then have a look at our selection of Classic novels re-written in manga-style, available in the library?  Titles include: Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, The Jungle Book, and just in time for Halloween, The Stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Set a reminder.

Forming a new habit takes time and everyone’s days are so busy.  So set a reminder on your phone to get comfortable and read a few pages of your book.  Reading even for 20 minutes a day can greatly reduce stress and improve you mental health.

Visit your local public library.

Can’t find what you need in the school library?  Then why not visit your local public library?  It is free to join and you will get access to books, ebooks, audiobooks, online resources and much more.  You can’t lose!

Follow just some of the steps above and you will be well on your way to becoming a book dragon – which is so much cooler than being a book worm!




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