Four New Harry Potter Books Coming Soon

Still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts?
Then the announcement by J.K. Rowling of 4 new Harry Potter world ebooks is sure to excite you.Just like what you would expect to learn in classes at Hogwarts, these ebooks will teach you the history of magic associated with Hogwarts and the wizarding world.
The first 2  books of the 4 book series, titled “Harry Potter : A Journey Through…”, will be released on June 27th. These first titles, A Journey through Charms & Defense Against the Dark Arts and A Journey through Potions & Hebology will be followed by A Journey through Divination and Astronomy and A Journey through Care of Magical Creatures later in the year.
The series is a follow up from London’s British Library’s exhibit Harry Potter: A History of Magic that was held in 2018.Can’t wait for the new ebooks?  Go to the Pottermore website that is devoted to all things wizarding.[source: GoodEreader, “JK Rowling Blesses Readers with Four New Harry Potter Books“, Mercy Pilkington, 31/05/2019]

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