Navigating The Stars by Maria V. Snyder

Terra Cotta Warriors have been discovered on other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. And Lyra Daniels’ parents are the archaeological Experts (yes with a capital E) on the Warriors and have dragged her to the various planets to study them despite the time dilation causing havoc with her social life.

Moving to another world to study the Terra Cotta Warriors there means  another time jump to a different planet. One so big, Lyra’s friends will be older than her dad when we arrive. And she’ll still be seventeen.

When one of the many Warrior planets goes silent, and looters attack her research base, Lyra becomes involved in discovering why the Warriors were placed on these planets. And, more importantly, by who.

Lyra is smart and brave and can’t decide if she is a master criminal in-training or if she just won’t be ignored.  But without her to save everyone, all will be lost.

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