I Am Out With Lanterns by Emily Gale

Wren feels like she’s stuck in a loop, sketching her dead brother over and over again – until the moment a new face appears on the page, and Wren is chilled to find that it looks like the new girl at school, Adie, who arrives the next day. Adie is back in Melbourne with her volatile artist dad. In the house where she spent her childhood, memories arrive like an abstract painting, fleeting and fragmented. Juliet remembers every little detail about her classmates and the things they said or did when they were kids, but to them she’s anonymous – can she put herself in the picture for once, now that Adie’s back? Milo wants Wren to fall in love with him, and he’s being coached by Daniel, his oldest friend, who he’s only ever talked to online. But will Wren ever see Milo that way when she has to watch him get bullied every day by the notorious Ben? Ben is trying out for the waterpolo team, and his dad is stepping up the swimming training and the pressure tenfold. Something has to give. And when Ben gets angry, someone has to pay the price. A sketch brought to life. A painting that causes accidents. A map to happiness. A drawing that bears witness to a friendship long forgotten. An image shared without permission. As the lives of these Melbourne teenagers intertwine, images could bring them together, and tear them apart. [Novelist]

This is a character driven novel told from multiple perspectives that is satisfying and engaging.

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