Spies, Lies, and Allies by Lisa Brown Roberts

A nemesis.  A crush.  A life-changing summer.

Summer holidays are supposed to be fun, right?  But for Laurel, she is going to be working at her dad’s company, assisting a group of interns who are competing for a life-changing scholarship.  But more than that, she is meant to help decide the winner.  The more she works with the interns and gets to know them and why they all are worthy of the scholarship, the harder it becomes for Laurel.  Especially resisting the distracting Carlos since there is a strict no-fraternizing rule.  She can’t give in to her attraction to Carlos and not ruin his chances at the prize.  And just who is out to sabotage her dad’s company on social media?  Is it a coincidence that the damaging social media posts started at the same time the interns started?

Follow Laurel in her summer adventures in this light, fun read.

Read more about the author, Lisa Brown Roberts, on her website.


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