Missing by Sue Whiting

This is a moving and suspenseful story following Mackenzie and her father as they search the jungles of Panama for Mackenzie’s missing mother.  Mackenzie’s mother is a bat researcher who was visiting Panama for her latest research.  But when she doesn’t return home in time for her Year 6 graduation, when she had promised she would be, it becomes obvious that something has gone wrong.

Mackenzie’s father, in despair over his missing wife, takes Mackenzie to Panama to search for clues as to what happened to her.  But Mackenzie believes she knows, and she is desperate to keep the truth from her father and keep her mother’s secret.

The suspense in this story builds as it goes – it is a slow-build thriller rather than by the seat of your pants thriller.  Told in chapters that alternate between what happened when Mackenzie’s mother failed to return home and the current day search, you experience Mackenzie’s heartbreak and grasping at hope at what really happened to her mother.


Read more about the author, Sue Whiting, on her webpage – Sue Whiting – adventures in story.

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