Waterhole by Fiona Bell

Sunny Maquire is trying to deal with the death of her mother in a car accident.  But now it is the summer holidays and she has to return from boarding school to the small town of Kelly’s Crossing in far north Queensland where she will be living with the step-father who she blames for her mother’s death.

When she arrives back in Kelly’s Crossing it is to the news that a young boy has gone missing whilst on a hunting trip with his father and Kevin, Sunny’s step-father.  Sunny has nowhere else to go and finds herself alone with Kevin, who is being accused of involvement in the boy’s disappearance.  To make things more complicated, Sunny sees a vision of her dead mother when she is out helping search for the missing boy and then becomes convinced the boy is dead after seeing a vision of him under the water at the local water hole where she goes swimming.

This is a dark and haunting book about a young girl coming to terms with a tragic loss and learning to how to trust again.

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