Draw the line by Laurent Linn

What would you do if you witnessed a hate crime?  Would you stand back and watch or would you take a stand?

That is the situation that Adrian Piper finds himself in.  Adrian is a talented artist who only feels he can only express himself through his own superhero – Graphite.  The rest of the time, Adrian’s goal is to remain invisible in his small-town Texan high school until he can escape.  But when he witnesses the brutal bashing of a gay boy from his school, Adrian finds he can no longer remain invisible  – despite everyone telling him to keep his head down and not to bring attention to himself or he will be the next victim of the school bullies.

This courageous and powerful story will have you cheering for the underdogs and will remind you that you don’t necessarily know someone by judging outward appearances.

You can read more about the author, Laurent Linn, on his website.

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