Tell It To The Moon by Siobhan Curham

Tell It To The Moon is the second book by Siobhan Curham about Amber, Maali, Rose and Sky.  A group of girls struggling to find their place in the world, who come together to form a group they call The Moonlight Dreamers.

Together they give each other the courage to be themselves and pursue their dreams.  To the outside world, these 4 girls couldn’t be more different.  Amber, who is bullied at school for having two dads and dressing in vintage men’s suits; Sky, who has been  home schooled by her yoga teaching dad who is about to start attending secondary school for the first time; Maali, the religious Hindu girl who is searching for her soul mate; and Rose, with the super model mother and movie star father who would rather live her life out of the limelight and is coming to terms with her sexuality.

Together they find the strength and self-belief to pursue their true dreams, using the writing of Oscar Wilde as their guide.

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