Library Resources

Laminating & Binding

There is a laminator in the library workroom that can be used for school laminating for a small cost.  Next to the laminator there is a record sheet where you must fill in your name, Domain and how many sheets, of which size, you laminated.  There is also a binding machine for use.  These can be used for personal use, you just need to leave the money with either Kelsy or Helen.


The library printer is called LIBRARY_COPIER.


The library endeavours to have a Fiction collection that is interesting and relevant to students and staff of all reading levels, both for recreational reading and curriculum related reading.  Books are continuously added to the New Book collection throughout the year.  The New Books collection is straight in front of you as you enter the library.  There are also Senior Fiction, Quick Reads, Short Stories, Comic and Manga collections, in addition to the General Fiction shelves.  Suggestions for Fiction books to add to the collection can be made to either Kelsy and Helen in person or through the Library Blog.


The Non-Fiction collection covers a wide range of topics, including Biography/Autobiography titles.  We encourage teachers to speak to us regarding topics that you will be covering throughout the year so that we can ensure relevant and up-to-date resources are available when required by students.


The library has a range of DVDs available for loan to teachers on many subjects.  These DVDs are available in the library workroom.  Many have been captioned for Hearing impaired students.  The library can organise for any DVDs we own to be captioned for use with hearing impaired students if required.  This is a free service we can access.


The library subscribes to a number of magazines that can be borrowed by staff and students.  These are:

Recreational Reading:

  • Empire
  • NeoUk (manga)


  • World of Knowledge
  • Austalasian Science
  • Double Helix


  • FourFourTwo
  • Slam
  • Inside Sport

If you have a suggestion for additional magazine subscriptions, please let us know and we can consider it, within budget constraints.

Additionally, if you happen to subscribe to or regularly purchase, a school appropriate magazine at home, which you then discard after reading, then we are happy to receive donations.

Staff Reserve

Copies of all Current Year Booklist titles are available for teachers to borrow.  The library also have a collection of non-booklist titles on each subject available to teachers and support staff to borrow as extra resources.

Student Reserve

A small collection of recent Booklist titles, and titles to support the current booklist such as Cambridge Checkpoints books and English text guides, are available for students to borrow on a short-term basis.  This means that if a student needs a short term loan of a text book we may be able to help them, but this is not meant to be a replacement for the students purchasing their own textbooks.

Class Sets

Class sets of dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases & Chinese to English dictionaries are available to be borrowed for use in classes.


The library has a 12 month archive of paper copies of the Herald Sun.

Resources On Particular Topics

Library staff are more than happy to help you with putting together resources on a particular subject to assist you with teaching the curriculum.  If you would like a container of books to be created for your class, please let us know and we can put together books from the library collection into one place to make access easier.  We are also able to put information under School Resources in Compass, if required.  This can include information for students on reliable web sites to use for researching particular topics, what resources are available in the library on a particular topic etc.

Reading Room

In an effort to promote recreational reading amongst the student population, the library is trialling having a dedicated Reading Room space set aside.  This area is for silent reading only, with students not permitted to use devices or socialise in that area.