Friday September 4th – Drop Everything And Read Day

As part of our continued commitment to support indigenous literacy, on Friday September 4th we are holding our inaugural D.E.A.R. day.

As we are giving everyone a break from classes on Friday the 4th, we asking you to Drop Everything and Read a novel, newspaper article, poem, or non-fiction work that is written by an indigenous author and promotes the ideas of culture, self-determination and reconciliation.

Looking for something to read by an Indigenous author?

Access the library’s Drop Everything And Read Learnpath guide for some ideas.

To be able to view and access all the online content, once you access the LearnPath guide you will need to login using your Compass id.  If you haven’t yet changed you password, it will be the same as your Compass id.

For example, if your Compass id is AAA1234, when you log in your username will be AAA1234 and your password will be AAA1234.


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