Wink by Rob Harrell

“What if everyone was completely normal, Ross?
Have you ever thought of that? It’d be really boring, if you ask me.”

Ross Maloy want to be normal.
He doesn’t want to have a rare form of eye cancer.
He doesn’t want to have to wear a hat all the time – even indoors – because of his radiation treatment.
He doesn’t want to lose the sight in one eye because of the treatment.
He doesn’t want a squinty eye.
He doesn’t want his best friend to be moving away and his other friend to have ghosted him after the cancer diagnosis.
He doesn’t want cruel memes of him to be circulating around the school.

Wink is the story of Ross and his journey from cancer diagnosis to treatment.
But it is also the story of friendship, music and learning that the version of themselves
that people project doesn’t always show you what their true nature is.

Funny, sad and life-affirming, Wink is a middle grade novel that open everyone’s
eyes to resilience, friendship and self-discovery.

Read more about the author, Rob Harrell.


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