The Long-Distance Playlist by Tara Eglington

Taylor and Isolde used to be best friends – before THAT FIGHT, 18 months ago. It’s been radio silence ever since – until Taylor contacts Isolde to sympathise with her breakup: the breakup that she never saw coming; the breakup that destroyed her confidence and ended her dreams of joining the National Ballet School.

Taylor’s had his own share of challenges, including a life-altering accident that has brought his hopes of competing at the Winter Olympics to a halt.

Isolde responds to Taylor, to be polite. But what starts out as heartbreak-themed Spotify playlists and shared stories of exes quickly becomes something more.

And as Taylor and Isolde start to lean on each other, the distance between them begins to feel not so distant after all …

A boy. A girl. A one-of-a-kind friendship. Cross-country convos and middle-of-the-night playlists. With big dreams come even bigger challenges.

This fun romance is told mostly in instant messenger conversations.

Two teenagers.  An up and coming snowboarder dealing with the aftermath of a devastating accident.  A ballerina working towards a life altering audition, dealing with her first-hearbreak and family issues she can’t control.

Despite living in different countries, these two life-long friends navigate misunderstandings, arguments and distance to take a chance on love.

Skilled writing makes this a fun, must-read book that encourages everyone to take life on and live it to your fullest.

“The way I want to live is to grab on tight to the people that I love and things I love doing.  I want to squeeze every bit of joy out of every moment I have with them.  What will come will come.  It’s how you live in the meantime that counts.”

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