Snapchat series – Denton’s Death Date

Have you checked out Snapchat’s scripted shows yet?

They are a fun, short, scripted shows designed for mobile viewing.

The book Denton Little’s Death Date has now been converted into this format.

“Denton Little’s Deathdate—titled for Snap as Denton’s Death Date (kind of a relief to bypass the ongoing Little’s/Little confusion)is a darkly comedic suburban story (with a splash of sci-fi) that takes place in a world just like ours, except everyone knows the day they will die. We follow protagonist Denton as he prepares for his impending death—the same day as Senior Prom!—and realizes way too late that he may have been living his life all wrong.”

Read more of the interview with the book’s author Lance Rubin on the B&N Teen Blog.

If you enjoy the Snapchat series, then why not borrow the original book from the library?

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