Why you should be reading 15 pages a day

There has been many studies showing the benefits of recreational reading – for everyone, not just students.  But it is not always that easy to find time to read.  But the good news is…. even a little reading can go a long way to providing all those benefits.

In his article on the Mental Floss website on July 11th 2019, Josh Rossen states that research by Naomi S. Baron, Ph.D., a professor of linguistics at American University in Washington, D.C. shows that even setting a goal of reading just 15 pages a day will show benefits.

15 pages a day…. that doesn’t sound so bad!

Setting a goal of reading just 15 pages a day means only a modest daily time commitment, which might just make is manageable in our busy daily lives.  And it still gives the benefits of recreational reading.  And who know, if you manage to commit to reading 15 pages a day, soon it may become a habit you just can’t do without.  By committing to a routine of daily reading you are better able to maintain focus and understanding of the subject, plot and themes of the book.  Leave it too long between picking up that thriller and you are just as likely to have forgotten what it is all about.

And by committing to reading 15 pages of an actual physical book, you save yourself from the distractions of reading on a device.  We all know the lure of emails, text messages, social media and surfing the web.  Reading an actual physical book removes those distractions and allows you to focus better on what you are reading.

Reading a physical book can also increase that sense of accomplishment as you can actually see just how far you have progressed through the book.  A sensation missed with reading digitally.

[source: Mental Floss, “Why you should be reading 15 pages a day“, Jake Rossen, 11th July 2019.  Image via Pixabay]

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