The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo

Clara Shin love to stir up trouble – or as she puts it, have some fun.  Rose Carver and Clara have been enemies for years.  Rose taking everything seriously and Clara taking nothing seriously.  But when one of Clara’s jokes go too far, Rose and Clara find themselves spending their summer working in Clara’s dad’s food truck to pay off the damages to the school.

So begins a summer of discovery for both Clara and Rose, where they come to learn more about each other and find themselves in an unlikely friendship.  Throw in cute, nice boy Hamlet (who is nothing like the types of boys Clara usually falls for), and Clara finds herself realising there is more to life than creating pranks and running away from her feelings.

This relatable coming-of-age story will have you cheering on Clara, Rose and Hamlet as they stumble their way through forming friendships, falling for the right boy and coming to learn that not everyone is as they first appear.


Read more about the author, Maureen Goo, on her website.

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