Frogkisser! by Garth Nix

This book is a fun fantasy story that takes us to a Kingdom where evil sorcerers terrorize, robbers aren’t always bad, Snow White is a retired Good Wizard and Princesses can rescue themselves!

Princess Anya embarks on a Quest to turn her sister’s royal suitor back into a Prince, after their evil stepstepfather transforms him into a frog.  With her loyal Royal Dog, a boy thief who has been turned into a giant orange Newt and many new allies on the way, Anya goes from a girl who never left the castle to the Princess who doesn’t need anyone to rescue her and the catalyst for freedom for all in the Kingdoms.

This book is amusing and full of fun characters and shows Anya’s growing awareness of what life is like for the people not lucky enough to live in a castle.

Read more about the author, Garth Nix, on his website.

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